White gold diamond solitaire engagement ring set with 0.97 carat of diamonds


White gold diamond engagement solitaire ring  set with 1.02 carat of round  diamonds

Code: C 1876
Style: diamond engagement solitaire ring


מק"ט: C 1056-1 קטגוריה:


White gold  diamond engagement ring set with 0.97  carat of  diamond

Code: C 1056

  • Style: solitaire diamond ring

The description of the metal: 

  • Gold weigh:  6.00  gr
  • Quality of gold:  14 karat
  • Color of gold:  white 

The description of the diamonds :

  • Central stone: a brilliant solitaire diamond of  0,37 carat
  • Color: D-F  (colorless)
  • Clarity: VS  (excellent clarity)

This classical engagement ring is set with 120 round brilliant diamonds

  • Weight of side stones: 0,60 carat
  • Size of the side stones: 120 stones of  1,0 mm
  • Color: D-F  (colorless)
  • Clarity: VS (excellent clarity)

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